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Laser Cutting

AMG has 4 fiber optic lasers on site.  Two Trumpf 3D laser cells along with two Mitsubishi 2D flat bed laser cells; they allow us to keep up with our customer demands and to offer a broad range of laser cutting work.  Trumpf TruLaser 3000, Trumpf TruLaser 3010, Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F40 and Mitsubishi ML3015NX-F40 are all true fiber lasers and can cut our product very quickly and accurately. At AMG, we have the capability to build our own laser programs using state-of-the-art programming software that builds directly off CAD data to ensure accuracy.


Additionally, we also have a full-time experienced programmer who has completed all Trumpf & Mitsubishi laser programming requirements and is familiar with laser setup for daily operations. As a result, we possess the ability to design and build fixtures in-house from our engineering department and tool room. AMG prides itself on keeping up with the latest laser-cutting technology and advancements in the industry.

Our Mitsubishi ML3015eX F40 Laser cutting systems is based on fiber optic technology and isideal for the precise machining of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.This unit combines high performance with exceptional cutting accuracy and quality.


Why Choose AMG?

We have years of experience cutting intricate weldments at a rapid pace and all while holding precision tolerances.

Our associates are experienced in cutting a diverse range of architectures.

About AMG

Specs & Tolerances

  • 8000-watt maximum laser output.
  • Maximum travel speed of 50 meters per minute.
  • Maximum cutting thickness of 12.7 millimeters.
  • Cutting (materials): steel, stainless steel
  • Copper, aluminum, bronze.
  • Nitrogen atmosphere is utilized for cutting.
  • Laser-welding capability on Model 3010.


  • High-volume components requiring intricate cuts; tooling cost minimal when compared to traditional die cutting stations.
  • Low volume prototype support; as noted above, laser-cutting offers competitive approach to cutting surfaces without requiring a significant tooling investment.
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