Decorative Fascia / Bumper Exhaust Assemblies

AMG specializes in the design, tooling, and manufacturing of decorative fascia exhaust assemblies.  We work hand in hand with the Tier 1 bumper / fascia manufacturer to integrate a complex and and tight tolerance exhaust component.  Using our manufacturing experience and partners, we are able to utilize the vast number of processes to build these complex assemblies.  The process of manufacturing these products may include stamping/forming, laser cutting, polishing, plating, painting, robotic welding, and final assembly.  

2013 Lincoln MKZ- 533.jpg

With these complex assemblies, we demand diligent process control in all of our processes and this allows our customers to have the utmost confidence in installing our products in their final assemblies.  Manufacturing these parts, which are integrated in the fascia, require extensive know-how in three-dimensional forming, fastening methods and finishing capabilities in order to eliminate any potential imperfections once mounted on the vehicle.


2017 Lincoln MKZ Tip.JPG
2017 Charger Tip.JPG