Exhaust Assemblies

AMG specializes in the manufacturing of decorative fascia exhaust assemblies.  We work hand in hand with the Tier 1 bumper / fascia manufacturer to integrate a complex and and tight tolerance exhaust component.  

Using our manufacturing experience and partners, we are able to utilize the vast number of processes to build these complex assemblies.  The process of manufacturing these products may include stamping/forming, laser cutting, polishing, plating, painting, robotic welding, and final assembly.  

With these complex assemblies, we demand diligent process control in all of our processes and this allows our customers to have the utmost confidence in installing our products in their final assemblies.  Manufacturing these parts, which are integrated in the fascia, require extensive know-how in three-dimensional forming, fastening methods and finishing capabilities in order to eliminate any potential imperfections once mounted on the vehicle.

Why Choose AMG for
Exhaust Assemblies

  • AMG is a light gauge precision metal stamping and fabrication supplier centrally located in the heart of Ohio. Besides our over 100 over years of experience in the metals movement industry, what sets us apart from our competition is our vast array of secondary capabilities which makes AMG a “one stop shop”.

Why is this important to you?

  • By keeping as much as possible under “one roof”, we control what’s most important to you; quality, cost and on time delivery. We are a customer oriented and service driven organization. We value our customers and realize that our success is predicated by your success
  • Passenger Cars
  • Sport Utility Vehicles
  • Light & Medium Duty Trucks
  • Eight electronic gage stations, capable of collecting variable data.
  • Four sub-assembly stations, featuring precision, ergonomic torque drivers
  • Three sorting tables with automated scales for accurate weight counts

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