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AMG partners with leaders in the field of plating to offer world class decorative bright nickel chrome plating on a variety of substrates including stainless and carbon steels. Bright nickel plating is one of the most popular and versatile finishing processes available today. Nickel plating is used for a variety of engineered and decorative applications. Nickel also has excellent plating coverage ability. It is a metal that is resistant to corrosion and provides a durable and ductile coating. Nickel chrome is also available in a satin (brushed) finish. Applications include hexavalent or trivalent chromium plating to meet your specifications.

As a low cost and more environmentally friendly alternative to nickel chrome, we also supply chrome flash plated parts that conform to multiple OEM specifications. In this process the Chrome is applied directly to stainless steel. Flash chrome after electro-polishing provides a protective top coat with excellent corrosion resistance that adds a bright protective and lustrous finish. This process is used commonly on exhaust tailpipes or on other applications where heat and corrosive environment are present.