AMG and its partner suppliers offer mechanical buffing and polishing to a smooth high-luster reflective bright surface finish, or satin surface finish, both of which are imperfection-free, by employing a combination of automatic and semi-automatic buffing, as well as polishing equipment. 


        We also provide bright finish electro-polish, which removes a variety of contaminants, impurities, oxidation, and discoloration such as weld marks, leaving behind a sterile and passive surface. This creates a highly reflective, mirror-like finish, with a smoother brighter appearance of the overall part. During the electro-polish process, free iron on the surface is also removed, resulting in improved corrosion resistance and lowered cost. Electro-polish in a satin finish process is also available for stainless steel and provides a uniform satin/dull finish. Similar to the material benefits that come from bright electro-polishing, corrosion resistance is greatly increased, surface impurities are removed and the edges are deburred. Electro-polishing is uniquely suited for automotive applications.