AMG covers a wide range of tube bending capabilities, covering both horizontal mandrel bend and mild shallow bends with press tooling that can shape multiple bends with 2D radiuses.


  • Materials: 304, 436 and 439 Stainless, 409 Aluminized Stainless, Mild Steel
  • Tube Diameters: range of 1.500” – 3.125”
  • Bend Radius: range 1D – 3.5D, max capacity bend radius of 12”

Our bending equipment has the capability of producing multiple bends in long lengths of tubes, but our niche market is with 4 to 6 foot lengths of tube.

AMG partners with various tooling shops to assess and develop the right  tubing lengths and proper tooling configurations required to optimize the production of componentry for our customers.

Tube Bender.jpg