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We stamp, bend, form, cut, weld, wash, and finish high and low volume metal components. 

We pride ourselves in problem solving and being a solutions provider. 

We are more than just parts to our customers. We are partners.

AMG Industries

Founded in 1904, AMG entered the automotive market in 1972, supplying decorative exhaust assemblies to General Motors on Cadillac cars. Today, the company is headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  In addition to manufacturing parts, AMG also collaborates with both OEMs and Tier 1s on a multitude of engineering and design applications.  Our ISO-9001 certification allows us to partner with leading companies such as Ford, Honda, Stallantis, Mack Trucks, Kenworth, Toyota and John Deere.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Metal Stampings

Robotic Welding


Quality Testing & Design Engineering


Surface Finishing

Our Products

Welded Assemblies

Our robotic welding capabilities allow us to incorporate and combine stamped components into fully welded assemblies that meet your specifications.

Component Fabrication

The combination of our various fabricating capabilities including, fiber optic cutting lasers, press brakes, tube forming equipment, CNC machining and robotic welding, we have the tools and resources to fabricate all your needs.

Precision Metal Stampings

Our ability to meet and maintain tight tolerance requirements and long lasting durability give our customers the flexibility required to succeed in stringent market applications.

Exhaust Pipe Tips

We have manufactured premium exhaust tips for the automotive industry for more than two decades. Our vast history and experience has allowed us to perform and perfect a developing and changing industry.

Years of experience
50 +

Founded in 1904, AMG Industries has established itself as a longstanding leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of specialized stampings, welded assemblies, and fabricated steel components.

Square footage

AMG Industries’ 75,000 square feet facility is unique with all the various capabilities under one roof.  We stamp, cut, bend, weld, form, wash and assembly in house.  In addition, our partners expand our capabilities with plating, painting and polishing offerings.


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