Industries Served

Here at AMG, we firmly believe the one indispensable element in every worthwhile product is the sincerity and fidelity of its maker.  This approach is just one reason we have been able to break into and succeed in a variety of markets. 

Industries & Markets We Serve


AMG supplies the automotive industry with a broad range of products from simple brackets to highly-engineered, weldments requiring variable data tracking.

Heavy Truck & Off Road

AMG is proud to to support the heavy truck and off road industry with precision stampings and components, we hold +/- 0.0025 and handle up to 0.200 gage.


We supply the agriculture industry with precision stampings and formed tubes to assist in the axle, transmission and exhaust assemblies. 

Pumps & Compressors

AMG is a long-standing supplier to the pump and compressor industry providing a range of sealing solutions to address your needs.


We have years of experience working with the specialty metals required to withstand the various caustic environments within a chemical pipeline.

Power Generation

AMG provides the power generation industry with a wide range of precision stampings and weldments used in power generation facilities.


AMG' continues to support our armed forces with intricate, tightly-toleranced stampings.  The assemblies we support demand we hold +/- 0.0025 and handle up to 0.200 gage.


Our precision metal stampings are used in medical facilities throughout the country; we work the exotic metals required for a given application to provide our customers with top line part performance.

Power Transmission

AMG helps both the generation and transmission of power throughout our country supplying tightly-toleranced stampings, sub-assemblies and weldments to the companies working hard to keep power flowing and helping regions recover quickly after outages.

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