Quality Testing & Design Engineering

At AMG, we employ state-of-the-art cameras and poke yokes to meticulously ensure that our products meet the highest quality acceptance criteria. Through the integration of technology and manufacturing best practices, we uphold rigorous standards to deliver excellence in every aspect of our process.

Quality Testing

Quality is ingrained in all aspects of the AMG environment. From the surrounding communities to our customers around the globe, AMG is committed to being a great neighbor, employer, and a quality parts manufacturer.

Quality Policy

AMG Industries is committed to exceeding our customers' expectations with high quality, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. Our objectives are achieved by understanding our customers' present requirements and future needs. We continuously strive to improve our processes and reduce variation. We foster an environment that develops our potential as well as our customers, suppliers, employees, and community.

  • 3D laser scanning technology is utilized in the development and ongoing dimensional capabilities of our products        
  • CMM measurement and layout capability
  • Material testing capabilities (hardness, tensile, etc.)


Setup and Calibration: Prior to production, our skilled technicians calibrate the cameras to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. Calibration parameters are fine-tuned to match the specific requirements of each product and production process.

In-Line Inspection: As components move along the production line, they are subjected to continuous in-line inspection by our camera systems. Cameras capture high-resolution images of the components from multiple angles, while poke yokes verify critical dimensions or assembly features, ensuring compliance with the specified acceptance criteria.

Error Detection and Correction: In the event of a detected error or deviation, our production line is equipped with automated feedback mechanisms and manual intervention points to address the issue promptly. Poke yokes may prevent further progression of the manufacturing process until the error is resolved, while operators receive real-time guidance to rectify the situation.

Documentation and Reporting: Throughout the production process, comprehensive documentation is generated, detailing the results of inspections, corrective actions taken, and any deviations from the acceptance criteria. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for process improvement initiatives and quality assurance audits.

High-Resolution Cameras: We utilize high-resolution cameras equipped with advanced imaging sensors and software algorithms capable of capturing minute details with exceptional clarity. These cameras are strategically positioned at critical points along the production line to monitor key parameters and inspect components for defects or deviations from specifications.

Poke Yokes (Error-Proofing Devices): Our arsenal includes a variety of poke yokes, also known as mistake-proofing devices, designed to prevent errors and ensure consistent adherence to quality standards. These devices are engineered to detect misalignments, incorrect dimensions, or other anomalies that may compromise the integrity of the product.

Why Choose AMG for
Quality Testing

Precision: By leveraging advanced camera technology and poke yokes, we achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy in our quality assurance processes, ensuring that even the smallest deviations from the acceptance criteria are promptly detected and addressed.

Efficiency: Our automated inspection systems and error-proofing devices enhance the efficiency of our manufacturing operations, minimizing rework and scrap while maximizing throughput and productivity.

Consistency: With real-time monitoring and continuous feedback loops, we maintain consistent quality standards across all production runs, eliminating variability and ensuring uniformity in the finished products.

Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality assurance is unwavering, with cameras and poke yokes serving as integral components of our comprehensive quality management system. Every product that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous inspection and verification to uphold the highest standards of excellence.


  • Transportation
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Compressor
  • Motors and Pumps
  • Aerospace

Design Engineering

AMG Industries offers custom tool and die services including design support and engineering, build/fabrication, repair and maintenance. We also have work experience in trouble shooting customer’s existing tooling.

Engineering Capabilities

AMG understands our customer is the most important person ever in our facility, be that in person, or through virtual interaction.  Your needs are what drives our activity as an organization…in essence, you are the reason we are here.

We assemble a cross-functional team of experts to review each opportunity in order to understand the scope and impact of each project and what each party must contribute to ensure a successful launch. 

AMG shall readily collaborate with you on your design and map out a path to make it a reality.  Our team generates a process flow, creates a controlled plan for manufacturing the product utilizing tools supplied by a seasoned supply chain of well-established shops and presents you with a product that is 100% certified to the criteria you demand.

We are well-versed in meeting the rigorous quality standards present in the automotive industry and carry those disciplines to the other industries we service.  That said, the difference at AMG is the organizational intelligence we put together that drives our success.  You can have the newest equipment and best material, but without the right team of people, you are simply leaving the success of your project to chance.

Bring your needs to AMG and allow us to put our team to work and present you with solutions.

Why Choose AMG for
Design Engineering

We bring decades of engineering experience to each new project.

Our approach to program management is disciplined and focused; it meets the rigorous standards of the automotive industry and is the enduring foundation of decades of successful program launches.


  • Custom, transparent timeline.
  • PPAP Milestone Checklist
  • Cross-functional program support


  • Stay in sync with your project progress with regular updates.
  • Rest assured know we are hitting all of the timing milestones.
  • Our experienced team brings a diverse skill set that supports your project  from concept to launch.

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