Exhaust Pipe Tips

AMG has manufactured premium exhaust tips for the automotive industry, both tier 1 & 2, for more than two decades.  Our vast history and experience has allowed us to perform and perfect a developing and changing industry.  Together with our customers, we have designed, launched and supplied millions of decorative exhaust tips across a multitude of vehicle types.  Together with our finishing partners, we can supply your complete solution and design.

Why Choose AMG for
Exhaust Pipe Tips

  • AMG is a light gauge precision metal stamping and fabrication supplier centrally located in the heart of Ohio.  Besides our over 100 over years of experience in the metals movement industry, what sets us apart from our competition is our vast array of secondary capabilities which makes AMG a “one stop shop”.

    Why is this important to you? 
  • By keeping as much as possible under “one roof”, we control what’s most important to you; quality, cost and on time delivery.

  • We are a customer oriented and service driven organization.   We value our customers and realize that our success is predicated by your success. 
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials
  • +/- .0005" on Dimensions in certain applications
  • .010" to .250" material thickness
  • Prototypes to Production quantities
  • Engineering and Project management
  • Tool Design and Build capabilities
  • Automotive passenger cars
  • SUVs and Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV and side by sides

Chrome Tips For Exhaust Pipes

The one opportunity your exhaust system has to "show off" is the decorative tailpipe extension or tip.  Though it typically serves no functional purpose, the decorative tip is an opportunity to differentiate one vehicle from another. 

Chrome tips are typically made from 300 series stainless steel and receive a "chrome flash" or nickel coating, which provides a luster, which is popular in the market place and an enhanced level of protection from corrosion for the base metal. 

AMG supplies a wide range of shapes and sizes to OE exhaust manufacturers around the globe and we would welcome the opportunity to share our experience and expertise to help you with your chrome tip needs.

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