Assembly Services

We utilize our full equipment capabilities and third party providers (Plating & Painting) to supply you a finish assembled component. Contact us and let us take on the details for you!


Perhaps the best way to illustrate what AMG is able to do with respect to assembly is to share a short story from our not-too-distant past.

A tier one customer of ours was shutting down a plant in Southern Michigan, with the intent to send the work down to Mexico to finish out the program for the product line. The equipment was loaded onto 18-wheelers and had just hit the road when they received a new direction from their leadership; the production could not be moved to Mexico and must remain in the United States; however, there was a big problem: they had neither the floor space nor the labor capacity to take on the work without months of preparation. We received an urgent call from our customer and as they outlined their challenge, we began looking at our layout and what we could do to help.

Our team identified a 30,000 square-foot section of our facility that could be reorganized within a reasonable time frame and take on the assembly work. The semi’s originally destined for Mexico, were rerouted to Mount Vernon, Ohio. We worked with our customer to put together four automated assembly lines and submitted PPAP’s within four weeks and began shipping at least one truckload of product every day until the program ended. Once it was complete, the lines were returned to our customer and we reorganized the space to keep our other machines and processes in order.

It’s a single anecdote, but it speaks volumes about how AMG works with our customers. We take your needs, your challenges and internalize them to make certain we are doing everything possible to bring you the best solution.

Why Choose AMG for
Assembly Services

  • AMG is a light gauge precision metal stamping and fabrication supplier centrally located in the heart of Ohio. Besides our over 100 over years of experience in the metals movement industry, what sets us apart from our competition is our vast array of secondary capabilities which makes AMG a “one stop shop”.

Why is this important to you?

  • By keeping as much as possible under “one roof”, we control what’s most important to you; quality, cost and on time delivery.
  • We are a customer oriented and service driven organization. We value our customers and realize that our success is predicated by your success.
  • Eight electronic gage stations, capable of collecting variable data
  • Four sub-assembly stations, featuring precision, ergonomic torque drivers
  • Three sorting tables with automated scales for accurate weight counts
  • Automotive sub-assembly needs
  • Industrial sub-assembly needs
  • Custom kit services

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