Tube Forming

AMG offers a comprehensive range of tube forming services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create precise and high-quality components. Our expertise in tube forming allows us to manufacture a variety of products, including decorative exhaust tips, which are among our most popular tube-formed items.


Materials: We work with a diverse selection of materials, including 304, 436, and 439 Stainless, 409 Aluminized Stainless, and Mild Steel, ensuring we can meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Forming Methods: We employ advanced press tooling that can shape multiple forms with 2D radiuses, enabling us to create complex and intricate designs. AMG collaborates closely with experienced tooling shops to evaluate and develop the optimal tubing lengths and tooling configurations necessary to streamline the production process and deliver superior components to our customers.

Why Choose AMG for
Tube Forming

  • Our programmable tube forming equipment offers the precision and repeatability needed to efficiently manage both high and low volume production requirements.
  • The team at AMG has decades of experience forming tube for a wide range of automotive applications, including decorative exhaust tips, and they will handle your parts with the utmost care and attention to detail.


  • Compressors:
    • Intricately formed discharge lines with multiple bends for efficient flow
    • Suction lines with precise angles to optimize compressor performance
    • Oil return lines with complex geometries to ensure proper lubrication
    • Intercooler pipes with custom shapes to enhance heat exchange
  • Pumps:
    • High-pressure discharge pipes with reinforced walls for durability
    • Suction pipes with smooth interior surfaces to minimize fluid resistance
    • Bypass lines with integrated fittings for easy installation
  • Automotive:
    • Exhaust system components (headers with collectors, downpipes with catalytic converter flanges, decorative exhaust tips with polished finishes)
    • Fuel lines with corrosion-resistant coatings for longevity
    • Brake lines with precise flaring for secure connections
    • Coolant lines with complex routing to optimize space utilization
    • Air intake pipes with smooth bends for improved airflow
  • Heavy Equipment:
    • Hydraulic lines with abrasion-resistant sleeves for harsh environments
    • Fuel lines with high-strength materials to withstand extreme pressures
    • Exhaust system components with heat-resistant finishes for increased durability
    • Air intake pipes with integrated mounting brackets for easy assembly
  • Heavy Truck:
    • Exhaust system components (headers with heat shields, downpipes with flexible joints, muffler pipes with noise-reducing features, chrome-plated decorative exhaust tips)
    • Fuel lines with reinforced fittings for leak-free connections
    • Air brake lines with corrosion-resistant coatings for reliable performance
    • Coolant lines with insulation for temperature control
    • Air intake pipes with filter housings for improved engine protection
  • Agricultural:
    • Hydraulic lines with UV-resistant coatings for outdoor use
    • Fuel lines with integrated quick-connect fittings for easy maintenance
    • Exhaust system components with spark arrestors for fire prevention
    • Air intake pipes with pre-cleaner mounts for dusty environments
    • Sprayer booms with lightweight materials for reduced soil compaction
  • Delivery Vehicles:
    • Exhaust system components (headers with oxygen sensor bungs, downpipes with emission control devices, muffler pipes with sound-absorbing materials, decorative exhaust tips with company logos)
    • Fuel lines with quick-release couplings for efficient servicing
    • Brake lines with abrasion-resistant coatings for extended life
    • Coolant lines with vibration-damping mounts for noise reduction
    • Air intake pipes with mass airflow sensor mounts for precise engine management
  • Last Mile Delivery Vehicles:
    • Exhaust system components (compact headers, downpipes with catalytic converters, muffler pipes with electric valve control, decorative exhaust tips with unique designs)
    • Fuel lines with anti-siphon devices for theft prevention
    • Brake lines with rust-inhibiting finishes for all-weather protection
    • Coolant lines with quick-disconnect fittings for easy repairs
    • Air intake pipes with high-flow air filters for improved engine response


In addition to the industries mentioned above, AMG's tube forming capabilities extend to serve a wide array of other sectors. Whether you operate in a niche market or have a groundbreaking application in mind, we invite you to reach out to our experts to explore how our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment can help revolutionize your products and drive your business forward.

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