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Welded Assemblies

AMG understands the need to continually provide our customers with value-added services. Where once, we simply stamped and supplied a precision stamping, we now feed several precision stampings into our weld cells, produce a clean, robust assembly ready for any additional coating or plating needs for a given application. The sub-assemblies we supply allow our customers to focus on their core competencies with the confidence in knowing their team may seamlessly integrate our products into their processes.


While the majority of our work contains ferrous materials, we also manufacture using a number of non-ferrous materials including, copper, inconel, etc.

Progressive high-speed dies are a design specialty of our staff engineers. Our ability to design, build, and maintain dies also gives us the capability to expedite prototype development within our various product lines. We have recently started using 3D printers to become more competitive in prototype builds.

AMG Industries' capabilities include 20 stamping presses which range from eighteen to three hundred tons. AMG Industries maintains twelve straight-sided mechanical presses ranging from 60 to 300 tons. These presses are capable of running coil or hand-fed stampings. AMG Industries also has eight OBI mechanical presses for high-speed, shim, gasket, or bracket stampings. These presses range in size from 18 to 90 tons.

AMG Industries is a Lean Manufacturing facility practicing SMED and Just In Time delivery. AMG Industries' capabilities include Progressive dies, Hovis dies, Compound dies, Draw dies, Flange, and Trim dies.

AMG Industries produces a wide range of stampings for customers in the automotive and compressor industries. Automotive stamping production is shipped to a wide range of customers from Tier 1 to direct ship to OEMs.

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The AMG Advantage

We are equipped to handle both high and low volume production runs.
We employ several high-skilled manual welding associates who are ready to tackle any task.

The equipment we use and the systems we follow ensure the integrity of our welds are maintained from start to finish..



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