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Exotic Metal & Specialty Gaskets

The majority of the gaskets we manufacture at AMG on a daily basis involve low-carbon steel and copper, we do have customers that require us to work with more exotic metals, like monel, hastelloy and inconel.  Said metals are typically used to produce gaskets in high temperature environments or those involving caustic chemicals.

Monel is a nickel/ copper alloy that is commonly used in chemical and marine environments; it was in heavy use beginning in the 1920's to address a litany of household and industry needs.  The popularity faded after WW 2...stainless steel, a more cost-effective metal has largely replaced monel in the market. 

Hastelloy is another versatile alloy heavily deployed in the chemical processing industry.  It is resilient and is very resistance to non-oxidizing acids and is very stable with respect to the thermal properties.

Inconnel is tough, really tough.  It holds up in the harshest of environments, both chemical and temperature.  The resistance to salt, makes it very popular in marine applications and because it withstands a broad range of temperatures, it is common in jet engines.

Regardless of your applications, AMG is very familiar with the aforementioned exotic metals, among others.  We will gladly secure the metal you need for your sealing device.  Please take a moment to review our gasket design consideration literature and contact us with any questions and/ or concerns.

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